ANZ-India is on a mission to change the management of waste plastics

We have perfected the technology to convert waste plastics into useful petrochemicals using our patented catalyst and innovative reactor design.


Our patented technology and propreitary catalyst allows us to offer the most efficient and reliable process to convert waste plastic to fuel. Take a look at how our process works & how you can benefit from our expertise.



We have deployed commecial plants of various capacities starting at 2 tonnes per day and above. Take a look at the pictures from these plants. In addition we have photos of our Nagpur premises and some photos of the output oil.



Do you want more information? Are you interested in placing an order for a plant? Want to know more about our technology? Please feel free to reach out to us. We will be glad to hear from you.


Our Technology has been tested and validated by several reputable organizations as well as various government departments.

ANZ is committed to a greener and better future!